Best Seller: Cloth Book for Babies (Pack of 8)

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"My toddler loves this book!"

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Kids are obsessed with these bath books. They will become an instant favorite toy for 1-3 year old kids, especially when bathing.

These books encourage your child's visual skills, motor development, concentration and attention.

Why is it good for children?

✅Ultimate fun
✅Good for brain development
✅Bonding with grandparents
✅Encourages child's visual ability, motor development, concentration and physical coordination
✅Trains patience, attention and focus
✅occupation for children

Why is it good for grandparents?

Secured playtime
Less supervision
Great for bonding with grandkids
Watch your progress grandchild
Shipping from Germany

What will your grandchild get?

8 thematic books:
- wildlife;
- number;
- vegetables;
- fruit;
- automobile;
- shape;
- sphere;
- music.

Happy hours without end!

What do you get?

30-day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee.
Top notch customer support
Huge discount