Best Seller: 6-in-1 Activity Cube

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🤭Did you know 85% of the child’s brain is formed by the age of 3?

Get your toddler a head start in life and try this Play Center Wooden Bead Maze Animal Shape. Appropriate for 1-4-year-olds.

The Play Center Wooden Bead Maze Animal Shape nurtures your child’s visual skills, motor development, concentration, physical coordination, body awareness, and strength right from birth.

 Why buy "Montessori"?

Give your toddler a head start
Equip your child with learning skills
Reach their developmental milestones sooner
Develop patience, attention, critical thinking, coordination


✅This baby activity cube keeps the child entertained for hours at a time
✅Fun Learning & Developmental Toys
✅Safe & Durable Toys for Toddlers
Appropriate for 1 - 4-year-olds

✅Made from REAL, solid wood
✅Vibrant colors
✅Easy to use & perfect size for little hands

Why kids love it?

✅Sliding Number Blocks- Great for toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination and number recognition.

✅Sensory clock- Cultivate a baby's sense of time early.

✅Animal Patterns Sorter- Exercise a kid's brain and build shape recognition.

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Safety Certified for 1-4 Years

Toys and materials are designed and manufactured to meet safety standards for babies 1-4 years old.


Montessori Materials

Precise materials are at the heart of Montessori education. Products are designed so that children can focus, gain mastery, and flourish.

Sustainably Sourced

Manufactured at an award-winning factory that uses only sustainably forested wood, non-toxic paint, and 100% recyclable packaging.