Kids' Christmas Tree

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The perfect way to introduce the Holiday spirit to your little ones! 

(plus keeps them away from your real tree)


   "My 3 year old absolutely loves this Christmas tree! The joy on her face when she saw this was priceless!"


Only 10 weeks till Christmas! Want to include your toddlers in your pre-Christmas activities? Buy them a tree of their own and watch their eyes light up with joy!

  • Creative Fun - Watch as your child fine-tunes their motor skills & colour recognition ability and imagination decorating their own tree, which comes with 26 ornaments for endless possibilities.
  • Perfect Distraction - Our brilliant toddler-friendly tree will distract your little ones while you decorate the big Christmas while not feeling left out. Watch them smile with joy giving them a sense of ownership.
  • Child-Parent Bonding - Spend time bonding with your little one decorating the tree together. It makes the perfect "early" Christmas gift for them to enjoy.
  • Premium Quality - Unlike others, this tree is made from premium thick felt material with Velcro ornaments. It's durable, doesn't take up much space, is easy to store away, and can be used again every year.


Product details:
-Quantity: 26 various ornaments
-Size: 37.5*27.5 inch
-Material: Felt
-Age appropriateness: 3+ years old

Package includes:
-1x Christmas Tree
-26x Ornaments